shit1 [ ʃıt ] noun
1. ) uncount IMPOLITE solid waste from a person's or animal's body
a ) singular an occasion when you go to the toilet to get rid of solid waste
2. ) uncount IMPOLITE something you do not like or think is of very bad quality:
The shit he listens to isn't real music.
a ) something that is not true or sincere:
Who wants to listen to politicians talking shit?
3. ) count OFFENSIVE an unpleasant or unkind person
feel/look like shit IMPOLITE
to feel or look sick
full of shit IMPOLITE
always saying things that are stupid or not true:
You're full of shit.
get your shit together IMPOLITE
to get organized
have the shits IMPOLITE
to have DIARRHEA
in deep shit/in the shit IMPOLITE
to be in trouble
kick/beat the shit out of someone IMPOLITE
to kick or hit someone very hard
no shit IMPOLITE
used for saying that you are surprised about something, or in a humorous way to show that you are not at all surprised
not give a shit IMPOLITE
to not care at all about someone or something
shit happens IMPOLITE
used for telling someone that unpleasant things happen to everyone, not just to them
the shit will hit the fan IMPOLITE
people will become very angry or there will be a lot of problems
take shit from someone IMPOLITE
to let someone treat you badly
treat someone like shit IMPOLITE
to treat someone very badly
up shit creek (without a paddle) IMPOLITE
in a very difficult situation
shit 2 [ ʃıt ] (past tense and past participle shit or shat [ ʃæt ] ) verb intransitive IMPOLITE
to get rid of solid waste from your body
shit yourself IMPOLITE
to be extremely frightened
`shit on phrasal verb transitive IMPOLITE
shit on someone to treat someone in an extremely unfair way
shit 3 [ ʃıt ] interjection IMPOLITE
used for showing that you are annoyed, disappointed, or frightened

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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